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Fireplace or Insert ?

Many are confused by the difference between inserts and fireplaces. You must have a wood fireplace in your home in order to utilize an insert. If you have no fireplace, you are a candidate for either a free standing stove or a built-in fireplace. Built-in fireplaces are factory built and commonly known as zero clearance (metal) fireplaces, because they are placed directly on the combustible floor and framed into a combustible enclosure which is subsequently tiled, bricked, or stoned in to give it the look of a site built fireplace. These zero clearance units are perfectly safe as long as the manufacturers clearances are strictly followed.

Built-In Fireplace vs Insert

We offer gas (both natural and LP), wood, and pellet fireplace inserts, and built-in fireplaces. Vermont Castings, Town & Country We look for quality and durability; we look for manufacturers that honor their warranties. We want to sell reliable products because we will do all we can to ensure that your product works for you. We sell only the best.

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In addition, we offer a large variety of fireplace and stove accessories. These include fireplace glass doors, gas log sets, screens, tool sets, grates, wood holders and carriers, gloves, gasketing, stovepipe, chimney and high heat paint to name a few.

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